Frank Gehry Architecture in Las Vegas – Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

While in Las Vegas I had the opportunity to take some night time photography of some Frank Gehry Architecture.  One of my favorite architects, this building was designed by him and became the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.  

Though his architecture is different it is a work of art and I have this love for unique architecture.   In order to get there, I ordered a taxi to take me and the taxi driver was totally clueless on why I wanted to photograph this building.   I’m just a big fan and Love Frank Gehry architecture.

Architect Frank Gehry says he wanted a swirling stainless steel structure he designed for Las Vegas to be unique – to stand out from what he called “the cacophony” of high-rise casinos and condos forming the spine of Sin City’s sprawl.

Getting his first look at the nearly complete Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, he declared himself satisfied.

“It took my breath away,” he said. “I like the way it fits. I wasn’t trying to compete with the chaos around it.”

“I mean, some people may think it’s over the top,” he added. “I don’t think so.”   And as far as Im concerned it’s LOVE at first sight.  Frank Gehry – you are a a big fan of mine.  I love your work.  It is very different and that’s what makes it unique.

Photography by:  Lidia Carr Photography (copyrights)ImageImageImageImageImageFrank Gehry Architecture, Lidia Carr PhotograImagephy, Las Vegas, Cleveland CliniImagec Lou Ruvo Center.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Wedding Photography by Lidia Carr

What can I say about Dalymar, Jason and the entire family. What a perfect day and beautiful memories. Love creating the story and even better that they chose me to capture their day to remember. Priceless. Weddings are very special and can be nerve wrecking all at the same time. You have to be confident enough to know that you can do this before you enter the world of Wedding photography. Wedding photography is something I did not choose to go in to; It Chose me! Why I shoot weddings is because the beautiful memories you capture and the fact that it’s not easy. This beautiful day was celebrated with pure love for family and loved ones. D+J-539































Las Vegas Neon Yard

I was not in Las Vegas, but my sister Linda Williams was and found this Jewel – A Neon Junkyard. She took these photographs with her Galaxy and I post processed them in Lightroom 4. This just goes to show you what processing can do to your photography. Adding the punch of colors and character to tell a story of this old neon signage. I love anything vintage and now I have to go to Las Vegas and seek out this neon yard. What an amazing place. Neon Boneyard-500

Neon Boneyard-501

Neon Boneyard-502

Neon Boneyard-503

Neon Boneyard-504

Neon Boneyard-505

Neon Boneyard-506

Neon Boneyard-507

Neon Boneyard-508

Neon Boneyard-509

Neon Boneyard-510

What Kind of Photographer am I

A lot of people ask me what I specialize in when it comes to photography. Well, I love it all and will photograph anything and everything. A photograph to me is not about being in a special field such as weddings, models, architecture, landscapes or anything else. My world is Photography and I will snap away at anything that I love and see. I guess you could call me a very versatile photographer that loves to have fun and bring forward a picture everyone loves. I have photographed many weddings, families, engagement and Love it all, but I also love everything else when it comes to photographing. So having said that – No I do not specialize in any particular field; I love to work in all of them. It’s an addiction and a true love of mine. Here is the Link: