Las Vegas Neon Yard

I was not in Las Vegas, but my sister Linda Williams was and found this Jewel – A Neon Junkyard. She took these photographs with her Galaxy and I post processed them in Lightroom 4. This just goes to show you what processing can do to your photography. Adding the punch of colors and character to tell a story of this old neon signage. I love anything vintage and now I have to go to Las Vegas and seek out this neon yard. What an amazing place. Neon Boneyard-500

Neon Boneyard-501

Neon Boneyard-502

Neon Boneyard-503

Neon Boneyard-504

Neon Boneyard-505

Neon Boneyard-506

Neon Boneyard-507

Neon Boneyard-508

Neon Boneyard-509

Neon Boneyard-510

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