Las Vegas Neon Yard

I was not in Las Vegas, but my sister Linda Williams was and found this Jewel – A Neon Junkyard. She took these photographs with her Galaxy and I post processed them in Lightroom 4. This just goes to show you what processing can do to your photography. Adding the punch of colors and character to tell a story of this old neon signage. I love anything vintage and now I have to go to Las Vegas and seek out this neon yard. What an amazing place. Neon Boneyard-500

Neon Boneyard-501

Neon Boneyard-502

Neon Boneyard-503

Neon Boneyard-504

Neon Boneyard-505

Neon Boneyard-506

Neon Boneyard-507

Neon Boneyard-508

Neon Boneyard-509

Neon Boneyard-510

What Kind of Photographer am I

A lot of people ask me what I specialize in when it comes to photography. Well, I love it all and will photograph anything and everything. A photograph to me is not about being in a special field such as weddings, models, architecture, landscapes or anything else. My world is Photography and I will snap away at anything that I love and see. I guess you could call me a very versatile photographer that loves to have fun and bring forward a picture everyone loves. I have photographed many weddings, families, engagement and Love it all, but I also love everything else when it comes to photographing. So having said that – No I do not specialize in any particular field; I love to work in all of them. It’s an addiction and a true love of mine. Here is the Link:

Lidia’s way of HDR Photography

I never play by the rules……but learn from them. Recently visiting Nevada – I was excited to find Eldorado Canyon. A photographer’s paradise. This series of photos I post processed using various techniques. Using NIK Filters FX Pro and Color FX Pro. Some will not like this kind of photography processing and others will. It’s just fun creating whatever floats your boat. To me it’s a huge stress reliever as the challenges that lie ahead with my mother battling pancreatic cancer. Doing this takes me away from all the worries and gives me time out.



















First Love

This cute engagement shoot with Devon and Joshua was a joy for me.   Though we started with some very bright sun , we managed to find shade and the result of this photography is priceless.  What a cute couple getting married in February 2013.   I was so excited to meet them and talk about their special day.   Planning a wedding is never easy and finding a photographer is hard too.     There are so many photographers like me who love to shoot and are doing this work on a part -time basis.   I love what I do and with pictures like this I don’t think I’ll ever stop photography   Congratulations Devon and Joshua on your engagement and may all your wishes coming true.

Frank Gehry Architecture in Los Angeles

My travels to Los Angeles this past week was an amazing experience.  I had a wonderful learning experience and one of them was a visit to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles designed by famous architect Frank Gehry.  He uses curved metal and modernized architecture in his buildings.  If you google Frank Gehry you will see some of the most amazing building architecture with rare shapes and forms.   If you are not in the loop as to what goes into this type of project and the design of a building, just think about it.  The next time you look at a building consider what it takes to even get it constructed.  It all starts out with architecture and the planning process of concepts.   From “doodle sketching” on a napkin to a thin piece of paper, the reality of these projects come to light in a form that you can only imagine.   This masterpiece among many around the world designed by architects should be a reminder of the work and the planning that goes into it.  Call me an architect lover…it is TRUE LOVE!    My faithful companion Canon 5D Mark II was used and a wide angle lens 17-40L lens.    The post processing you see is in black & white and I will be posting colored versions later.   Photoshop CS5 using plug in filters in NIK Silver FX produced these images adding the clarity and the detail of black & white photography.      Enjoy the surroundings around you and no matter how old these buildings are the reveal on the architecture is considered a fine art

Photography Quest for the Perfect Shot by Lidia Carr

The Perfect Shot is Always the Next Picture
Have you ever done a a photo shoot that you just loved?   This is one of them!   Some days, shooting is hard and you just can’t seem to get the shot you are looking for.  Then  I have these awesome photo shoots that re-energizes my severe addiction called photography.  You have days that are just ok and then you have a shoot that just excites you all day long and you can’t wait to get in front of the computer and share the photographs.   Shoshanna, McKenzie, Bailey and Elizabeth drove all the way from Melbourne to have some shooting fun with me.  My world revolves around photography and this quest of getting the perfect shot.  The work I do is continuous and the method of approach to my workflow is an every day experiment.  For those who love photography and didn’t realize what they were getting into when they started, getting into the photography business is an awakening experience.    I think a lot of you know the hard work behind it.    Don’t give up if you love what you do.  The memories you share are timeless and priceless.    I remember starting 6 years ago with my new SLR Canon Rebel and Kit Lens 17-55.  I was a newbie and would shoot anything and everything.    I realized very quickly that photography is not just click and print .   Photography education is endless – – and that is the truth.  You will always learn something in photography – – there is no end.   My motto is “The Perfect Shot is Always the Next Picture”.   I have yet to find it, but I LOVE what I do.    

A Great Day with a 35mm 1.4 Prime Lens

Several weeks ago, I became the owner of a prime lens – Canon 1.4 35mm and got to test this little lens on some cute little models.  All I can say is WOW!  Love it and it will definitely become one of my favorites.   Just recently I also became the proud owner of a new addition  – A Canon Mark III and I can’t even describe this phenomenon.   So much to learn, so little time.   Photography doesn’t have a destination.  It keeps going for those who are serious about getting into it. Learning this business is endless.  For now, enjoy and continue doing what you LOVE.   For me the answer is obvious.

You have an Amazing Stove!

A popular joke making its’ rounds on facebook is about a photographer who gets invited to a socialite’s party and the socialite remarks, “Your photographs are amazing! You must own a fantastic camera!” To which the photographer replies, “The food is great! You must have a fantastic stove.”  

On that note, If the food is great you must be a great cook!   Same for the photographers, if the photo is great, which is where it starts – then you must be a great photographer, right? 

Many have this notion that buying a camera produces the perfect picture.  It does to some when you are not in the photography profession.  

For the newbies getting into photography:    You just bought an SLR and you are ready to point and shoot.   A friend asks you to photograph their wedding and you accept.  Beware  – Do you know how to use those camera dials and what they mean?  Have any idea  what ISO/F-Stop/Aperature  is.  What about the lens?  Did it come with the kit?  Or did you make an investment with some better glass  extremely important with photographing weddings. What kind of lenses will you be shooting with?   Shouldn’t you have a zoom lens as well? Where is your Flash?  Is it an external?   Is it on the camera?  Do you know how to compensate lighting? Do you have a backup battery?  An extra camera in case yours decides to act up?    For those who are green in this field and think you can just go and shoot and be done – just be careful.    I was one of those photographers;  and yes you need a good camera and lenses to shoot weddings.  Do not go on the cheap!    I realized by looking at many professional’s work that there was so much more behind it.   So invest wise and get the  proper gear before you decide to shoot a wedding.  A good camera and lens is extremely important.

On top of all that – once you are done with your investment on cameras and lenses, you find out that you need to familiarize yourself with softwares because your photos just don’t look like the photos from   Why is that?  It’s called “post processing” my friend and every photographer has software to enhance the photography they take.  We don’t just shoot and deliver straight out of camera called “SOOC”.   In addition to getting to know all your hardware and now software too, it is a journey that you need to be serious about if you are going to pursue phtography as a professional.   

It’s not as simple as 1-2-3.   Have fun in learning and remember the start of photography and getting a great picture also has to do with the investments you make and the imagination behind it.    So yes I have a great camera and it takes great pictures, however, imagination and creativity behind it all is much harder.

Charleston, South Carolina

Once again, My sweet hubby and I traveled into the historical town of Charleston, South Carolina.   We stayed in a beautiful cottage that was on the waterfront at Patriot’s Pointe – right smack next to the York.   There is so much to do in Charleston and we had a total blast.  Of course, our cameras went with us as we look for opportunities to find photography that really depicts  the essence of the history in Charleston.  We recommend Charleston to all our friends and family.