What Kind of Photographer am I

A lot of people ask me what I specialize in when it comes to photography. Well, I love it all and will photograph anything and everything. A photograph to me is not about being in a special field such as weddings, models, architecture, landscapes or anything else. My world is Photography and I will snap away at anything that I love and see. I guess you could call me a very versatile photographer that loves to have fun and bring forward a picture everyone loves. I have photographed many weddings, families, engagement and Love it all, but I also love everything else when it comes to photographing. So having said that – No I do not specialize in any particular field; I love to work in all of them. It’s an addiction and a true love of mine. Here is the Link:


Photoshop Action Sun-flare Processing

We are experimenting with the photoshop actions.  This sunflare actions is very useful and can bring your photography into a territory of true story telling.  Isn’t what this is all about.  Capturing your Dreams to Remember and yet being able to feel everything about the photography you are looking at.  Complicated as this may seem, it is an art form that is hard to master.  This series of photos was taken at the Lake Louisa State Park and Ashley was our awesome model for the day.   The first part of the photo was processed in Light-room 3 where I then opened it up in Photoshop CS5.   I ran the photoshop action Sun Flare and just played until I got the results I liked.  Enjoy your processing technique.  I know – spending hours at a time, experimenting.    Photoshopholic for sure and the need of getting to a photography destination that I am happy with.  Hopefully Soon…..