A Wedding Victory Style


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It was such a pleasure photographing the wedding of Liz & Chris Field on board the Victory Ship in Tampa. What a great time. Everyone on board came dressed in vintage style and to have a wedding where the time … Continue reading

Frank Gehry Architecture in Los Angeles

My travels to Los Angeles this past week was an amazing experience.  I had a wonderful learning experience and one of them was a visit to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles designed by famous architect Frank Gehry.  He uses curved metal and modernized architecture in his buildings.  If you google Frank Gehry you will see some of the most amazing building architecture with rare shapes and forms.   If you are not in the loop as to what goes into this type of project and the design of a building, just think about it.  The next time you look at a building consider what it takes to even get it constructed.  It all starts out with architecture and the planning process of concepts.   From “doodle sketching” on a napkin to a thin piece of paper, the reality of these projects come to light in a form that you can only imagine.   This masterpiece among many around the world designed by architects should be a reminder of the work and the planning that goes into it.  Call me an architect lover…it is TRUE LOVE!    My faithful companion Canon 5D Mark II was used and a wide angle lens 17-40L lens.    The post processing you see is in black & white and I will be posting colored versions later.   Photoshop CS5 using plug in filters in NIK Silver FX produced these images adding the clarity and the detail of black & white photography.      Enjoy the surroundings around you and no matter how old these buildings are the reveal on the architecture is considered a fine art

An 85mm Canon Event with Erin & Nick

DID SAY IN OMG!!!!!!!! The ultimate test was had with my 85 1.8 Canon mediocre Price Lens ($400ish) on a 5D Mark II body.  The 1.2 85mm lens will cost you $2000.00  and you can put that on your wish list for Santa Claus.    So here I am wanting to shoot  a couple with my 1.8 for a long time and here come Erin & Nick.   I  put this lens to the ultimate test and shot at 1.8 using only ambient light.  The results are amazing!!   Ladies & Gentlemen – GO BUY NOW!!    This lens has exceeded all of my expectations.  I now see why the  PRO’s use this lens exclusively for Weddings and Engagement Shoots.   The trick to using it is like target practice with a gun.  Using your focal point (center, which is what I used), the results of the many photos I took where endless and tack sharp.  WIth Light-room 3 I added just a tad of contrast/sharp and this is the end result.   As to Nick & Erin –  newly married – I had such a great time “testing” my lens and couldn’t have been happier working with such an awesome couple.  I didn’t want the night to end and look forward to shooting with them again hopefully soon.     My next challenge with this lens is to shoot the 85mm lens using more than 2 people in a shoot and working with a group 4-5 and seeing the outcome of photographing at 1.8.  Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations greatly appreciated.   As to this lens – I highly recommend you GO BUY NOW!!!

A fun shoot with the East Coast Model Photography Meetup Group

The East Coast Model Photography Meetup organized an awesome  model shoot and a fun time.  Thank you Stel Bailey and Yohanna for creating this fantastic day.  The friendships and partnering with photographers and models is an investment worthwhile.  I’ve learned so much and  can’t wait for the next shoot.  You all rock!!

Belly Dance by Carrara Nour

Here I am with my lenses and my Mark II 5 D ready for a shoot!  Little did I realize that Stacy Hockett and his beautiful girlfriend, Lisa, had one for me.   On top of all that Rene Ferrer the world famous NIKONIAN dude came along for what I would say was a short shoot that none of us wanted to end.  They kicked us out of the State Park at sundown, and we were just warming up.  Needless to say, the photography of this beautiful model/belly dancer left me wanting more!!  I started out with my 85mm lens and then switched to the Diamond Lens – 70-200 2.8 I/S lens on my Mark II 5D.   It is the creme da la creme and with results as these, you don’t have to wonder why I am left confident.  A beautiful subject to shoot, a fun time with all…..and I want more.     As to the post processing of these images, you may see variances in the colors as I’m testing two softwares.  CS5 – Photoshop using the latest and greatest  MCP actions and Lightroom 3 using various Presets that I have saved through my own trials in hopes of getting to that final destination in photo processing.