A Wedding Victory Style

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You Have Dreams To Remember

30It was such a pleasure photographing the wedding of Liz & Chris Field on board the Victory Ship in Tampa. What a great time. Everyone on board came dressed in vintage style and to have a wedding where the time period of the 1940’s was evident and truly creative. The history of the Victory ship you will find below and it is located in Tampa, Florida. I cannot begin to express my gratitude in being able to witness and had the honor of photographing their wedding all in vintage style. It was definitely one of the most creative events I have ever encountered.

Both Chris & Liz are also costumers and play a big part with being super comic heros – Captain America and his partner.

The story of Captain America is that in World War II a patriotic solider Steve Rogers recipient of the “Super Soldier Serum” became the…

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Lidia’s way of HDR Photography

I never play by the rules……but learn from them. Recently visiting Nevada – I was excited to find Eldorado Canyon. A photographer’s paradise. This series of photos I post processed using various techniques. Using NIK Filters FX Pro and Color FX Pro. Some will not like this kind of photography processing and others will. It’s just fun creating whatever floats your boat. To me it’s a huge stress reliever as the challenges that lie ahead with my mother battling pancreatic cancer. Doing this takes me away from all the worries and gives me time out.



















A Wedding Victory Style


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It was such a pleasure photographing the wedding of Liz & Chris Field on board the Victory Ship in Tampa. What a great time. Everyone on board came dressed in vintage style and to have a wedding where the time … Continue reading

Southern Travels

We travel the back roads of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and find the history in the making. I love taking photography of buildings that are old and dilapidated. If the building could talk I wonder what it would say. The families that lived in the buildings and all that history. My husband and I have the best time venturing out and finding these old jewels. Such fun and excitement when I see a building with character worthy of photographing.

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First Love

This cute engagement shoot with Devon and Joshua was a joy for me.   Though we started with some very bright sun , we managed to find shade and the result of this photography is priceless.  What a cute couple getting married in February 2013.   I was so excited to meet them and talk about their special day.   Planning a wedding is never easy and finding a photographer is hard too.     There are so many photographers like me who love to shoot and are doing this work on a part -time basis.   I love what I do and with pictures like this I don’t think I’ll ever stop photography   Congratulations Devon and Joshua on your engagement and may all your wishes coming true.

Photography Love


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Photography is my addiction and no intervention required.  I love capturing those special moments and creating the memories.  Photography is something that you cannot explain if you have this extreme love for it.  When I’m behind the lens, I am … Continue reading

A Sanford Wedding with Melanie and Dan

Just a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of capturing beautiful memories with Dan & Melanie who tied the knot at the Pottery in Sanford.  I loved being able to capture the getting ready shots at a vintage house in Sanford – Higgins House and the details and everything else that went into this setting could not have been more perfect.   I take great pride in what I do when Melanie & Dan asked me to photography their wedding I was tickled pink.    Melanie & Dan are experienced photographers and share the same interests in photography that I have.  Understanding what goes into wedding photography and trusting me to photograph their wedding was an ego boost for me.  My work is something that I always strive to do better and I still have so much to learn.  The tricks & tips in photography along with the post processing is learning that never ends.   Thank you Dan & Melanie for being so relaxed and understanding and knowing the importance of wedding photography and taking the time to get some amazing images of your Day to Remember.  Congratulations to you both and may your football teams win!ImageImage Image Image