First Love

This cute engagement shoot with Devon and Joshua was a joy for me.   Though we started with some very bright sun , we managed to find shade and the result of this photography is priceless.  What a cute couple getting married in February 2013.   I was so excited to meet them and talk about their special day.   Planning a wedding is never easy and finding a photographer is hard too.     There are so many photographers like me who love to shoot and are doing this work on a part -time basis.   I love what I do and with pictures like this I don’t think I’ll ever stop photography   Congratulations Devon and Joshua on your engagement and may all your wishes coming true.

Photography Love


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Photography is my addiction and no intervention required.  I love capturing those special moments and creating the memories.  Photography is something that you cannot explain if you have this extreme love for it.  When I’m behind the lens, I am … Continue reading

A Sanford Wedding with Melanie and Dan

Just a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of capturing beautiful memories with Dan & Melanie who tied the knot at the Pottery in Sanford.  I loved being able to capture the getting ready shots at a vintage house in Sanford – Higgins House and the details and everything else that went into this setting could not have been more perfect.   I take great pride in what I do when Melanie & Dan asked me to photography their wedding I was tickled pink.    Melanie & Dan are experienced photographers and share the same interests in photography that I have.  Understanding what goes into wedding photography and trusting me to photograph their wedding was an ego boost for me.  My work is something that I always strive to do better and I still have so much to learn.  The tricks & tips in photography along with the post processing is learning that never ends.   Thank you Dan & Melanie for being so relaxed and understanding and knowing the importance of wedding photography and taking the time to get some amazing images of your Day to Remember.  Congratulations to you both and may your football teams win!ImageImage Image Image

Frank Gehry Architecture in Los Angeles

My travels to Los Angeles this past week was an amazing experience.  I had a wonderful learning experience and one of them was a visit to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles designed by famous architect Frank Gehry.  He uses curved metal and modernized architecture in his buildings.  If you google Frank Gehry you will see some of the most amazing building architecture with rare shapes and forms.   If you are not in the loop as to what goes into this type of project and the design of a building, just think about it.  The next time you look at a building consider what it takes to even get it constructed.  It all starts out with architecture and the planning process of concepts.   From “doodle sketching” on a napkin to a thin piece of paper, the reality of these projects come to light in a form that you can only imagine.   This masterpiece among many around the world designed by architects should be a reminder of the work and the planning that goes into it.  Call me an architect lover…it is TRUE LOVE!    My faithful companion Canon 5D Mark II was used and a wide angle lens 17-40L lens.    The post processing you see is in black & white and I will be posting colored versions later.   Photoshop CS5 using plug in filters in NIK Silver FX produced these images adding the clarity and the detail of black & white photography.      Enjoy the surroundings around you and no matter how old these buildings are the reveal on the architecture is considered a fine art

Photography Quest for the Perfect Shot by Lidia Carr

The Perfect Shot is Always the Next Picture
Have you ever done a a photo shoot that you just loved?   This is one of them!   Some days, shooting is hard and you just can’t seem to get the shot you are looking for.  Then  I have these awesome photo shoots that re-energizes my severe addiction called photography.  You have days that are just ok and then you have a shoot that just excites you all day long and you can’t wait to get in front of the computer and share the photographs.   Shoshanna, McKenzie, Bailey and Elizabeth drove all the way from Melbourne to have some shooting fun with me.  My world revolves around photography and this quest of getting the perfect shot.  The work I do is continuous and the method of approach to my workflow is an every day experiment.  For those who love photography and didn’t realize what they were getting into when they started, getting into the photography business is an awakening experience.    I think a lot of you know the hard work behind it.    Don’t give up if you love what you do.  The memories you share are timeless and priceless.    I remember starting 6 years ago with my new SLR Canon Rebel and Kit Lens 17-55.  I was a newbie and would shoot anything and everything.    I realized very quickly that photography is not just click and print .   Photography education is endless – – and that is the truth.  You will always learn something in photography – – there is no end.   My motto is “The Perfect Shot is Always the Next Picture”.   I have yet to find it, but I LOVE what I do.    

A Wedding Day To Remember with Tandy & Rich

When I was contacted by Tandy and asked about my availability for an upcoming wedding, my response was when?   In a week and half!   She has known her sweetheart for over 30 years and recently reconnected and realized that the two of them belong together.     We met up shortly after  for a little mini shoot and talk about their special day.  Rich and Tandy are the sweetest people I’ve encountered in a long while.  It felt so natural to be with them and when she told me that there were going to get married with just a couple of friends and ride their Harley to Ponce Inlet, it was a destination wedding to remember.   We met on Sunday, May 28th and drove with the gang to the Lighthouse.  Afterwards, an intimate wedding reception and a great time.   Having found your sweet love and being able to be part of your day was so special.  Thank you Tandy and Rich  for a beautiful day to remember.   Live, Love, Laugh and Ride!    (Come July – the cross country marathon  is waiting  – So Ride you must and a Lot!)

Tomb of the Unknown and the Changing of the Guards – Washington, DC

Guarding the Tomb

During the day  the guard is changed every hour. The ceremony can be witnessed by the public at the Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC

The guard change is very symbolic, but also conducted in accordance with Army regulations. The relief commander or assistant relief commander, along with the oncoming guard, are both required for a guard change to take place. The guard being relieved will say to the oncoming guard, “Post and orders remain as directed.” The oncoming guard’s response is always, “Orders acknowledged.”

Tomb Guards

It is considered one of the highest honors to serve as a Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Fewer than 20 percent of all volunteers are accepted for training and of those only a fraction pass training to become full-fledged Tomb Guards. This attrition rate has made the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Identification Badge the second least-awarded decoration of the United States Military (the first being the Army Astronaut Badge, no longer being issued).

The soldier “walking the mat” does not wear rank insignia on his or her uniform so that they do not outrank the Unknowns, whatever their rank may have been. Non-commissioned officers (usually the Relief Commander and Assistant Relief Commanders), do wear insignia of their rank when changing the guard only. They have a separate uniform (without rank) that is worn when they actually guard the Unknowns or are “Posted”.

Walking the Mat

There is a meticulous routine which the guard follows when watching over the graves:

  1. The soldier walks 21 steps across the Tomb. This alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the highest honor given to any military or foreign dignitary in America. His weapon is always on the shoulder opposite the Tomb (i.e., on the side of the gallery watching the ritual).
  2. On the 21st step, the soldier turns and faces the Tomb for 21 seconds.
  3. The soldier then turns to face the other way across the Tomb and changes his weapon to the outside shoulder.
  4. After 21 seconds, the first step is repeated.

This is repeated until the soldier is relieved of duty at the Changing of the Guards.

Other requirements of the Guard:

They must commit 2 years of life to guard the tomb, live in a barracks under the tomb, and cannot drink any alcohol on or off duty FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. They cannot swear in public FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES and cannot disgrace the uniform {fighting} or the tomb in any way.

After TWO YEARS, the guard is given a wreath pin that is worn on their lapel signifying they served as guard of the tomb. There are only 400 presently worn. The guard must obey these rules for the rest of their lives or give up the wreath pin.

The shoes are specially made with very thick soles to keep the heat and cold from their feet. There are metal heel plates that extend to the top of the shoe in order to make the loud click as they come to a halt. There are no wrinkles, folds or lint on the uniform. Guards dress for duty in front of a full-length mirror.

DEDICATED to being an American and honoring those who have fought and LOST.

These series of photos was taken with my Canon Mark II and the 24-105 mm lens.  A day of remembrance as I stood in silence knowing that I worry about things that are very small. When you see the Changing of The Guards, your perspective on life is delivered to you in a format that will make you understand what being an American is.

A Great Day with a 35mm 1.4 Prime Lens

Several weeks ago, I became the owner of a prime lens – Canon 1.4 35mm and got to test this little lens on some cute little models.  All I can say is WOW!  Love it and it will definitely become one of my favorites.   Just recently I also became the proud owner of a new addition  – A Canon Mark III and I can’t even describe this phenomenon.   So much to learn, so little time.   Photography doesn’t have a destination.  It keeps going for those who are serious about getting into it. Learning this business is endless.  For now, enjoy and continue doing what you LOVE.   For me the answer is obvious.