A Wedding Victory Style


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It was such a pleasure photographing the wedding of Liz & Chris Field on board the Victory Ship in Tampa. What a great time. Everyone on board came dressed in vintage style and to have a wedding where the time … Continue reading

First Love

This cute engagement shoot with Devon and Joshua was a joy for me.   Though we started with some very bright sun , we managed to find shade and the result of this photography is priceless.  What a cute couple getting married in February 2013.   I was so excited to meet them and talk about their special day.   Planning a wedding is never easy and finding a photographer is hard too.     There are so many photographers like me who love to shoot and are doing this work on a part -time basis.   I love what I do and with pictures like this I don’t think I’ll ever stop photography   Congratulations Devon and Joshua on your engagement and may all your wishes coming true.

Photography Love


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Photography is my addiction and no intervention required.  I love capturing those special moments and creating the memories.  Photography is something that you cannot explain if you have this extreme love for it.  When I’m behind the lens, I am … Continue reading

An 85mm Canon Event with Erin & Nick

DID SAY IN OMG!!!!!!!! The ultimate test was had with my 85 1.8 Canon mediocre Price Lens ($400ish) on a 5D Mark II body.  The 1.2 85mm lens will cost you $2000.00  and you can put that on your wish list for Santa Claus.    So here I am wanting to shoot  a couple with my 1.8 for a long time and here come Erin & Nick.   I  put this lens to the ultimate test and shot at 1.8 using only ambient light.  The results are amazing!!   Ladies & Gentlemen – GO BUY NOW!!    This lens has exceeded all of my expectations.  I now see why the  PRO’s use this lens exclusively for Weddings and Engagement Shoots.   The trick to using it is like target practice with a gun.  Using your focal point (center, which is what I used), the results of the many photos I took where endless and tack sharp.  WIth Light-room 3 I added just a tad of contrast/sharp and this is the end result.   As to Nick & Erin –  newly married – I had such a great time “testing” my lens and couldn’t have been happier working with such an awesome couple.  I didn’t want the night to end and look forward to shooting with them again hopefully soon.     My next challenge with this lens is to shoot the 85mm lens using more than 2 people in a shoot and working with a group 4-5 and seeing the outcome of photographing at 1.8.  Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations greatly appreciated.   As to this lens – I highly recommend you GO BUY NOW!!!